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Head of Brand Creative and Marketing

at Ebab International Pte Ltd (view profile)
Location Singapore, Singapore
Date Posted Aug 01, 2012
Category Creative
Job Type Full-time



An excitingly sagacious international fashion and lifestyle brand is seeking for a highly motivated and committed creative talent whom has inborn leadership qualities to join our branding team immediately.

Candidate should possess:
Degree in Communication & Creative Journalism / Advertising & Marketing / Visual Communications

A non-conformist whom takes pride and enjoys breaking the norm. A person that sees being different is unique and inspiring unlike the regular conventional creative ad thinkers.

This candidate MUST possess both art and copy-based ability within his/her creative skills.

With industrial experience of:
6-7 years as a creative head or creative director with an international advertising agency serving high fashion and lifestyle accounts will be preferred. Experience in handling brand prospectus and market target study. Is in tune with the current social network media and guerilla advertising.

With proper intensive experience:
Executing creative projects through art and copy base. Preferably with a proven track record in the creative industry. A creative master who is able to maneuver words and visuals creating ultimate moving branding arts experience.

Have the following attributes:
A resourceful person and well connected with various sectors within the creative industries representatives and counterparts. A natural leader who has boundless energy and is a fountain of creativity who is able to lead effectively and a meticulous creative craftsman. Knowledgeable and intuitive in the global lifestyle and latest fashion trends. Being in tuned with extensive repertoire of music and art films. Takes on a keen interest in all things that embody and depicts pop culture. Has an eye for details and is an immaculate wordsmith that produces engaging copywriting contents yet has an imaginative hidden talent in fiction comic writing and comic icon and characterization development.

A maverick in concocting earth-shattering impact through images and words. A person that projects strong individualistic and creative values. Being exceptionally strong in conceptual developments for products as well as in the aspects of Advertising and
Promotions. A virtuoso in orchestrating a refined creative campaign promoting the brand awareness while at the same time is diligent in ensuring that the marketing aspects are strictly adhered. Ensuring brand mileage and brand relevancy in the market. Being able to communicate his/her idea to others well. Has an immediate charm and character that exudes confidence and has experience in handling public relations and event marketing whenever necessary.

A creative guru who is established and has garnered significant achievements in his career but yearns and craves for a strike of excitement that the route of ad agencies does not lead to. A passionate individual who is looking for a radical big switch to the
brighter side of the realms.

An individual who has a wealth of experience and a proven track record in managing and spearheading the creative direction of a major fashion account. A well-rounded person that seize the opportunity in being the voice of reasons in the capacity of creative branding, marketing and public relations of a particular brand.

Key Job Objectives:

1) Marketing and Business Development
• A&P strategic marketing/creative development
• Cyber marketing and social network marketing
• Public relations and events marketing
• Guerilla advertising and marketing

2) Creative Development
• Strategic conceptual merchandising development
• Merchandising development – comic strips/comic icons/related products under the category/other lifestyle products
• Initiate quality control and execute creative project supervision and direction

3) Marketing/Public Relations
• Strategic PR Development
• Events Development
• Representing the brand to the press and media groups
• Be a spoke person for the brand at all times

An individual who had garnered a sound reputation in the creative industry with a significant amount of accolades achieved locally and internationally as a testament of his track of records in the creative field as an innovative, imaginative and creative craftsman.

This individual is required to be stationed in Singapore on a contractual basis.

Submission of Resume and Portfolio
a) Interested applicant are required to submit a detailed resume, email address, contact number, portfolio of past works and accolades or awards that have been achieved in the recent years.

b) The management will select candidates for a video conferencing session via Skype. Please also include your Skype address in your resume. We only accept skype addresses, no hotmail or yahoo messenger.

c) Compile the above documents and details and email to: and

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